TrevPAR World Launches Zero Commission OTA

Hotel Stays Africa

TrevPAR World is very proud to announce the launch of Hotel Stays Africa, a zero commission OTA channel powered by social media with the aim of increasing brand awareness and indirectly more direct bookings for any type of accommodation partners from hotels, to guesthouses, to backpackers and even apartment rentals.

Hotel Stays Africa is a very unique listing site which is fully customizable, unlike other OTA channels the hotels can embed YouTube Videos, seasonal marketing material as well as any hyperlinking that the marketing team may need – in essence it is a mini website that showcases any hotel in a very modern day manner which allows the hotels to be unique as they want to be.

The Founder & CEO of TrevPAR World, Derek Martin, says that it has always been a dream of his to manage a unique marketing platform powered by social media and thought why not combine his passion for hospitality, social media as well as marketing in one place in order to maximise the amazing Tourism products that we have in Africa.

“The general online distribution footprint of most accommodations in Africa is very poor, especially in terms of social media management, a lot of accommodation partners do not really have the resources to execute a very effective online strategy, Hotel Stays Africa now allows all partners to have a brilliant online presence without having to allocate a high cost salary or take time out of the daily operation to remember to do it – we all know a online presence is the future” says Derek Martin.

As Hotel Stays Africa is powered by social media, a clear emphasis is put on delivering high quality content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, please take a second to go like and follow the various social media channels of Hotel Stays Africa,

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If you are in the industry in Africa and you would like to take up the Hotel Stays Africa free two month trial, simply fill in the form and submit and the rest will happen, once the listing is up it will be sent directly to you for approval – get your free trial here.

The future is now!


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