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TrevPAR Europe Total revenue management focuses on data processes in order to maximise and optimize profits of a hospitality business. Total revenue management can be implemented into an existing business with ambitions to achieve revenue and process improvements or into a newly built business as a foundation for future success.

Total revenue management is a data driven process which clearly identifies the distribution needs of a business, the close study of the internal and external environments allows us to develop internal processes to maximise the overall profits of the property.


The close study of consumer behaviour patterns of already acquired customers allows us to develop trends that identify the exact needs of the already captured market as well as identify what the business needs to do in order to maximise guest reviews whilst maximising profits. The tracking of consumer behaviour patterns also assists in identifying the nature and scope of new business opportunities to be targeted.

Once all the processes have been established and tracking implemented, each sales and marketing campaign will become more tangible as it will be focused on the exact needs of the business.  This results in a statistical approach to investments in sales and marketing activities that will deliver better results and higher profits.


Big data lays the foundation for the success of all sales and marketing activities and can assist in developing an effective marketing plan that maximises all investments.

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