TrevPAR World Launches Real World Revenue Management – online

Nowhere in the world currently, is the rise of Revenue Management more evident than in Africa! From the multi-billion dollar hotel chains to the influx of thousands of independently run hotels, lodges, management companies, as well as asset management companies, whom are all redefining traditional Revenue Management within the international community. At the same time, mobilised in part by the accelerated development of technology, a rise in importance of “online presence” has developed the “Revenue Management” function into a pivotal role that hotels must master.

Post COVID-19 the importance of revenue management will surge and as a result of this, TrevPAR World has launched Real World Revenue Management in partnership with Stenden South Africa, a leading Private Higher Education Institution of Hospitality Management.

Derek Martin, the CEO and Founder of TrevPAR World had the following to say “The importance of revenue management is now at a all time high, all hotels are starting from scratch, a total reboot in essence, and any hotel with a better understanding of their data will win” and this is exactly what Real World Revenue Management is about.

The current focus for the Real World Revenue Management platform is to offer a unique opportunity for professionals to come together and discuss various topics in a small group setting, instead of setting a list of dates for the webinars we have decided to set out a list of topics allowing you to select what you would like to be part of. This is not a lecture, this is not a classroom, this IS a forum guided by a certain topic that has been selected to be discussed.

Each of the FREE webinars will be based around a certain topic within the Revenue Journey or other sectors, as part of this unique discussion forum we will be inviting a professional in that field to join us for this discussion, allowing for further knowledge sharing.

On the Real World Revenue Management website there is a Register Now tab where you can register for different topics, once we have received 10 sign ups for that topic we will close that classroom and host the webinar. This ensures that we gather a small group of like minded people wanting to gain the same kind of knowledge in one virtual room for one great discussion!

The future is now – sign up for your FREE Real World Revenue Management Webinar today!

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