TrevPAR World launches Instant Experiences

TrevPAR World, like many in the hospitality industry has been dealing with chaos since the first Presidential Speech that took place 2 weeks ago. Across the industry we have seen large numbers of cancellations in a very short period of time spanning over the next three months. What this means for hotels and other tourism industry companies is mass refunds as well as not taking any new bookings, both detrimental to business as this puts serious strain on the cash-flows of all businesses and suppliers associated with the hotels.

The last week saw the President announce a national lock down which means all non-essential service providers need to close their doors for 21 days, including hotels unfortunately. To close down hotel operations and not have any income for 21 days is a massive blow to the industry and could have long lasting damaging effects as some hotels may not be able to open their doors again.

Based on this crisis, TrevPAR World has launched a voucher driven platform called Instant Experiences – the platform allows hotels, restaurants as well as any other experience driven companies to offer once in a life time deals that can be purchased now and used within a certain validity period. What this does is give the everyday consumer the ability to buy never to be seen again deals now as well as allow the company offering the experience the ability to generate cash flow for their business now.

The CEO of TrevPAR World, Derek Martin had the following to say “We all know that any business without cash flow is not a business, and being forced to close down all operations is a major blow for us all.The idea was to find a way to generate any form of cash flow by offering what the hotels already have to offer, however not to use it now but at a later stage and this makes it a win win from a consumer and hotel point of view as the consumer gets a great deal and the hotel gets instant cash flow”

Instant Experiences is here to serve you in the industry and help you get as much additional exposure for your services as possible. If you would like to send us a deal to load please see below,

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Help us save the industry by sharing this as far and wide as possible and generate some cash flow for our struggling industry at the moment – we can all make a difference now and have a great value experience later!


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