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Having an active social media presence, and a strong one at that, has never been more important! Not only has social media provided convenient means to engage with followers and share information, it also has the ability to act as an easy distribution tool. Regardless of what the platform is being used for, you still want the information you share to be seen!

We’ve come up with a few factors that should be taken into consideration before clicking “post”, to ensure that you gain maximum exposure.

It All Begins With Content 

The primary reason for being active on social media is to keep followers engaged, enlightened and excited! And the only way to achieve this is through posting the right content.

Engage your followers with content that is of value to them! This could be through simply keeping them updated and informed on the latest happenings within your establishment or merely addressing trends and news relative to your industry.

Additionally, one should also ensure that the content being shared displays a form of variety as the last thing you want is for your followers to get bored or label you as predictable! All whilst keeping in line with the overall culture of your establishment.

Once you’ve established a healthy balance between these elements, your followers will most definitely be engaged, enlightened and excited!

Whats Your Network

With an array of social media network platforms at your fingertips, literally, engaging with your followers has never been easier! The various social network platforms available are all designed to serve a unique purpose, thus it is up to you to cultivate your content accordingly.

Networks such as Facebook and Twitter are perfect platforms to actively engage with followers or to promote your latest specials, whereas Instagram is an amazing tool to gain awareness by highlighting the products and services your establishment has to offer through visual imagery.

Find the best social network for you to ensure that you reach your desired audience, share the valuable content and maximise your exposure!

Timing Is Everything

Having valuable content across the correct network is definitely a step in the right direction but means nothing if nobody sees this amazing content being shared! Studies of social media user behaviour have concluded that different networks experience peaks and lags at specified times on specific days of the week. There are even specified times that ensure higher click through rates – which is ideal if content is meant to drive the reader to your proprietary site.

Gaining maximum exposure is the ultimate goal and by sharing your content when each respective network is at its peak, that exposure is guaranteed!

Read more on best times to post here.

Make Sure They Never Miss a Beat

Consistency is the key to success!

Apart from engaging, enlightening and exciting your followers, you want to let them know that you’re there. Posting on regular intervals and maintaining the consistency is an effective way of remaining present in the mind of your followers.

This should not be misconstrued as bombarding your followers with countless updates on a daily basis but a well thought out strategy it is imperative to establish the fine line between what’s considered appropriate and overwhelming.

Incorporate these elements into your social media regime and reap the benefits that come along with it!

Author- Brunique Gould – Revenue Analyst – TrevPAR World

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