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Working In Australia TrevPAR World

As hoteliers we all believe that working anywhere in the world is possible, the beauty of working in hotels is that the footprint and the vast amount of products and brands out there basically makes the world our oyster.

When browsing through the news the other day I came across the new Australian Skilled Occupation List, this is basically the list that shows which job skills are required within Australia and thus means a company could sponsor you to work in Australia.

When reading through the list, it was rather strange to see what industry related roles were on it, below is the list in the same order it appears, yes a list of one;

(1) Chef***

And that is it in terms of industry skills shortage requirements, a whole one skill shortage, if you are in medicine you are set however if you are in hospitality and want to work in Australia you might have to wait a little longer.

Full List Of Skills & Article Here

Author: Derek Martin 

Derek Martin TrevPAR World

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