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As a hotelier, it is well renowned that TripAdvisor reviews have the play an incremental role in the wellbeing of your establishment as they give you direct insight to the minds of the ultimate consumer.

Moreover, TripAdvisor reviews also play an important role in the overall consumer decision making process. So much so that when we conducted a poll asking consumers which factors have a major influence in their final decision when booking hotels and restaurants, the results were as follows:

  • TripAdvisor Reviews: 43%
  • Recommendations: 28%
  • Website Provided Info scored:18%
  • Offered Products/Services:13%

Whilst we can conclude that TripAdvisor reviews are evidently important, the aforementioned results sparked more questions. What is it that customers are looking for when scrolling through reviews? What are they hoping to find? Do they look for the good or the bad? Quality or quantity?

Since the best way to get this information from consumers, we conducted yet another poll posing the following question:

“What is your main focus when looking at TripAdvisor reviews?” the results are as follows:

Managers Responses (15%):

Though often overlooked by hoteliers, responding to guest reviews is an important practice as it establishes the relationship between hospitality establishments and their past, future and returning guests. Whilst this element received the lowest overall score, it is imperative to note that potential customers pay attention to how hospitality establishments attempt to salvage a bad impression, how they praise reviewers for their kind words, or whether they make an effort to respond at all.

Amount of Reviews (18%):

This is undoubtedly where the quantity element comes into play. To some consumers, a large number of reviews is an indication that the establishment gets a lot of foot traffic, and generous foot traffic must mean that the establishment is worth going to – whilst a minuscule number of reviews would mean the opposite.

Negative Reviews (32%):

32% of consumers special attention to the more unsavoury reviews when lurking on an establishment’s TripAdvisor page. This could potentially be because consumers want to know what discomfort they are more likely to expect, should they decide to visit the respective establishment. Often times one may come across an array of sporadic complaints about various trivial things, whilst other times one is able to identify a pattern of consistent complaints revolving around the likes of poor service or rude staff. My guess is that whether the complaints are sporadic or consistent factors largely in the overall consumer decision making process.

Positive Reviews (35%):

And it’s positive reviews for the win! Our poll concluded that majority of consumers tend to focus on the more positive reviews relatively to the aforementioned factors.

This highlights that hospitality establishments should strive receive the best reviews possible! As this will not only increase the brand’s overall reputation, but likely lead to more foot traffic for your establishment.

Additionally, if there is a trend in complaints, make use of reviews to identify where improvements need to be made, and work on improving your product or service.

Incase you missed it, take part in the poll here!

Author- Brunique Gould – Senior Revenue Analyst – TrevPAR World


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