TrevPAR World Hires Revenue Analyst

Brunique Gould TrevPAR World

TrevPAR World is very proud to announce that Brunique Gould, former Stenden South Africa student has joined the TrevPAR World team as a Revenue and Distribution Analyst.

Brunique is on the brink of attaining her degree in International Hospitality Management with minors in both Innovative Tourism and Strategic Revenue Management.

Derek Martin the Founder of TrevPAR World says: “I met Brunique whilst delivering a guest lecture at Stenden South Africa in July, she immediately stood out as someone special based on the questions she asked during this lecture”

Whilst at Stenden, Brunique was the student General Manager during her strategic modules and learned the balance and importance of operations and finance within hospitality management.

Whilst completing her internship on The World – Residence at Sea she stayed in touch with TrevPAR World – Derek Martin Says “Brunique made contact with us asking for advice on how to get into revenue management, it was at this moment that I knew I would like Brunique to join the TrevPAR World family” – a few months later and this has now become a reality.

Brunique will be a key support role within TrevPAR World and assist us in data research, data analyses, trend building as well as social media management.

We would like to wish Brunique all the best on her new Revenue Journey and we will most certainly be following her career closely.

If you would like to get to know Brunique a little better, please click here to read her Q&A. 

If you would like to know more about Stenden South Africa, please click here.



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