TrevPAR World Hires Group Revenue Analyst

TrevPAR World is very proud to announce that former Stenden South Africa Intern Michael Gimingham as taken on the full time role as Group Revenue Analyst.

Michael joined TrevPAR World 6 months ago as an intern and has excelled and grown in his daily activities and projects, Michael’s constant drive to learn and develop himself is what truly makes him stand out among other industry leaders.

On a daily basis, Michael reviews and analyses several hotels across the country and world and does so with a remarkable accuracy and professionalism. The work ethic of today’s young proffesionals is often an issue of discussion with our more senior industry partners and it is young hoteliers such as Michael who prove these comments wrong as he puts in more hours and more
enthusiasm then most of them.

We believe these traits will bring Michael far and that he will be making his mark in industry very soon!

Derek Martin, TrevPAR World Founder & CEO says, “It is always great to welcome a new member to the TrevPAR World team, especially when they are as driven and talented as Michael, I am looking forward to watching him develop into a top industry leader – Welcome on-board!”

We would like to welcome Michael to the team and wish him all the best as he starts his permanent position within TrevPAR World and we are looking forward to watch you grow!

To view Michael’s LinkedIn Profile click here.

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