Talent Review – Nikita Beresnev – Director Of Revenue Australia

TrevPAR World Nikita Beresnev

What social media channels are you on and why have you selected them?

Facebook and Linkedin provide me with sufficient social media exposure and cover for both a personal and professional on-line presence.

As long as this media channels used separately it allows me to stay connected with friends and colleagues while maintaining a good work/life balance.

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Describe Revenue Management in one word; 


In terms of Industry, what do you always stick by when looking at revenue growth?

I stick by my strategy to grow the revenue, it is better to be market leader than market follower. Competitors or market predictions are not always correct and creates an opportunity for ones that take calculated risk.

Where do you see Revenue Management in 5 years from now?

Revenue Management continues to evolve every year and in 5 years will become essential part of every business. Level of authority for Revenue leaders will keep increasing and experience in revenue field will be essential to become a GM.

In your opinion what is more important in terms of Revenue Measurement – ADR, RevPAR or Occupancy?

RevPar is a king. You can have 100% occupancy by giving rooms away or sell 1 room at ridiculous price to have high ADR. Perfect balance in Occupancy and ADR will increase overall RevPar and TrevPar respectively.

What are your thoughts on the current discussion to reduce OTA business? Do you agree or do you feel OTA’s are a needed entity within distribution?

OTA’s play an important role in hotel business. The two big players (Priceline and Expedia) have massive marketing budgets and global reach with a diverse portfolio of websites to drive business into hotels.

OTA’s can be controlled, as we are the ones who provide them with availability. OTA’s is a distribution channel that can be used strategically, closing it down will narrow the bookings pipeline and will affect the business in a negative way.

In terms of Revenue Management and Revenue Growth, what do you think the most important aspect is to focus on?

You need to have a very clear vision where you want to take the business, every stakeholder in the hotel has an important part in revenue generation and growth. Once the Revenue Culture is instilled within the hotel with a clear vision and strategy revenue growth will automatically come.

Where would you like to be in your career in the next 5 years?

Short answer is General Manager, but I will be looking for the challenging position that will test my revenue generation and leadership skills.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that nobody would expect;

Ice Hockey is my favorite sport to watch, I still follow my home town team from Australia even with a  8 hour time difference in Sydney.

TrevPAR World Nikita Beresnev

Who and Where is the best hotel you have ever stayed in?

Outrigger Fiji resort is probably the best. Ocean front villa and butler service definitely helped the experience.

Outrigger Fiji resort

On closing, what bit of advice will you give all aspiring revenue managers?

Learn from mistakes made by others and never take anything for granted. If things were done the same way for years, it does not make them right. Change is a good thing.

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