TrevPAR World Evaluation

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Online Distribution Evaluation 

The online distribution evaluation consists of an extensive search to see exactly where your hotel can be found on the internet. It will provide an overview of where the hotel can be found and identify further opportunities. This will also include social media as well as social media trends.

The online distribution evaluation also focuses on the content of the your hotel – we will identify any content needs that will improve the current key listings as top priority.

The main focus points of the online distribution evaluation include:

– Brand Website Analyses

– Social Media Analyses

– OTA Channel Analyses

– Trip Advisor Page Analyses

– Additional Listing Analyses

Competitor Set Evaluation

The competitor set evaluation will assist in establishing a bench-marking tool to which the hotel can be compared to. This will directly have an impact on the guest review management as well as the pricing strategy of your hotel.

The main focus points of the competitor set evaluation include:

– Trip Advisor Overview with main focus on the five hotels above and below your hotel

– Competitor Set Comparison Grid Setup

– Guest Review Ranking Set Up – Value for Money Comparison

– Basic Pricing evaluation of Competitors compared to your hotel on selected dates and channels.

The pricing evaluation will consist of an overview of the current pricing that is implemented into the hotel – it will assist us as well as the managers understand what pricing mind-set was implemented in the past.       

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