Rapid COVID-19 Test

This week marked a watershed moment for us in government approval in rapid testing. After a stringent and intensive testing and application process with SAPHRA, our distribution partners have received the necessary Licence required by SAPHRA to distribute Rapid 2019-nCOV Antibody Testing.

Due to the diligence of our partners and team we are one of the firsts to receive such a licence in industry.

We believe this solution is your key to getting ahead of transmission. This test kit will improve your level of confidence in screening protocols. It does not replace a PCR test but rather narrows and directs the flow of cases requiring PCR testing.

This will reduce the strain you may experience due to limited PCR testing resources and reduces the need for extensive quarantine periods while waiting for results. The test will provide a result within 10 minutes and provide insight into who should be isolated and possibly be sent for PCR testing; and who will be able to safely enter their workplace or hotel for a stay.

SAHPRA Licensing was received after extensive testing was conducted on the Really Rapid Test Kits in parallel with the PCR tests achieving:

1 – Comparison Success of 100%

2 – Specificity of 100%

3 – IgG of 99%

4 – IgM of 98%

The Really Rapid Test Kit Medical Device is one of the first to be approved in South Africa with outperforming results.

The kit is R195,00 Ex VAT and delivery fees, per kit delivered nationwide. It does require a medical professional to administer this test so if you do not have a partnership with a clinic we also have partners who are able to administer and record results for you. The kit measures IgG and IgM antibodies which will determine if someone is newly infected or if someone has had COVID-19 and recovered.

Order your Really Rapid Test Kit Medical Device Today – discount for bulk orders or email us on info@trevparworld.com