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The vast amount of Hotel Brands that we have in the world today is massive, that got me thinking, what is feeding the growth of this massive industry, the answer was clear – International  Hospitality Schools.

As social media is discussed on a daily basis and often with it ending it is the future of our industry I decided to do a test on Facebook, I typed in “International Hotel School” and hit search and filtered it to show the pages only, to my surprise there was 41 different hospitality institutions that appeared on the most basic search (I am sure there are still 100s out there).

Across the 41 pages was a total of 345 967 page likes which is not bad, the highest ranked page was International Hotel School with 104 432 page likes, the lowest likes page was the Theekshana International Business Type Hotel School and Visa Consultants with 26 page likes. The average page likes across the 41 pages was 8438 which is not a bad average at all.

The full list of 41 with links can be found below, please take a second to like a few pages, they are the future of the industry.

Please note this list was complied on a very simple search and is a snap shot of that search, page likes may have increased or decreased since that search. Search conducted on 24 October. Also please note that not all hotel schools may appear on this list as it was based on a simple search. 


Facebook Pages  Likes
1 International Hotel School 102 432
2 International Hotel & Tourism Industry Management School (I-TIM) 63 091
3 Les Roches International School of Hotel Management 47 436
4 IHS (International Hotel Management School) 33 192
5 Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School 19 590
6 Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College 16 437
7 Stenden University Bali 12 399
8 Stenden University Qatar 10 826
9 International Hotel Training School 8 585
10 International Hotel School IHS (ALGERIE) 5 125
11 Stenden (Leeuwarden, Friesland) 4 276
12 Stenden South Africa 3 904
13 International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management Pampanga 3 266
14 The Panama International Hotel School 1 927
15 International Tourism Management Stenden 1729
16 Asia Lanka International Hotel School 1 423
17 International School for Hotel and Restaurant Management 1 016
18 International School for Hotel and Restaurant Management – Cebu Campus 907
19 International Hotel School of Mount Lavinia Hotel 868
20 Lanka International Hotel School 844
21 The Hotel International School 807
22 The International Hotel School – Alumni 616
23 International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management – Iscahm 592
24 Jakarta International Hotels School 592
25 Dailies Lanka International Hotel School 565
26 Tbilisi International School of Hotel Management 544
27 Stenden University Alumni’s 529
28 Stenden University Qatar Alumni Association 400
29 IMPERIAL International Hotel School 354
30 Bina Insan Gemilang (International Hotel & Cruise Ship Training Center) 248
31 Crown international culinary arts hotel school 215
32 Theekshana International Hotel School 208
33 International School for Hotel and Restaurant Management 175
34 Asian International Hotel School 172
35 Orianna International Hotel School 163
36 International hotel school cape town campus 148
37 Irish International Hotel and Catering School 139
38 Vanship International Hotel Program 78
39 Swiss Asia International hotel school 77
40 Irish International Hotel & Catering School 46
41 Theekshana International Business Type Hotel School and Visa Cunsultants 26

Author: Derek Martin 

Derek Martin TrevPAR World

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