FEDHASA Talks: Unlocking the Synergy Between OTAs and Unlocking Secure Payment Gateways

Staying ahead of the game is key in the ever-evolving landscape within the hospitality industry. FEDHASA Talks – OTAs & Payments, is described as an exclusive event that promises to shine a spotlight on how these elements within the digital landscape are shaping the industry’s future. Cassim Waja, the Senior Commercial Portfolio Manager will be representing TrevPAR World as a talented specialist in the field.

Scheduled for September 14, 2023, the event will pack a punch as industry leaders, experts, and innovators aim to gather and discuss the critical insights behind Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and secure payment gateways.

The stellar lineup of panelists is where the real magic of FEDHASA Talks – OTAs & Payments lies. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, these notable figures are ready to engage you with a range of topics that are crucial to the success within hospitality.

Here’s a sneak peek into who and what you can expect in this event:

  • Candice Jenkins, Head of Audit at Moore Johannesburg: With her financial expertise and extensive experience, she offers a unique perspective on financial strategies.
  • Samantha Williams, Commercial Director at ProfitRoom: Her expertise in commercial operations brings strategic insights for revenue optimisation.
  • Cassim Waja, Senior Commercial Portfolio Manager, TrevPAR World: His portfolio management expertise can provide critical insights into driving profitability.
  • Amanda Owen, Africa Market Director at Expedia: As part of one of the world’s leading OTA platforms, her insights can bring understanding into OTA strategies and trends.
  • Velma Corcoran, Regional Lead, Middle East Africa, AirBnB: Her expertise and input promise insights into global trends and market dynamics.
  • Dean Marais, FNB Commercial, Head of Enterprise Banking: His financial perspective and expertise in enterprise banking can shed light on secure online payments.
  • Andre Knobel, Head of Operations and Optimization (HOO) at Callpay: With expertise in payment gateway optimization, he can help you navigate the world of secure online transactions.

By attending FEDHASA Talks, you’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. Your presence and support are paramount to a prosperous future in the sector as you participate in topics that drive innovation.

1. OTA Strategies: Discover the latest strategies employed by OTAs to attract travelers and drive bookings.

2. Direct Bookings: Understand how to compete with OTAs and encourage guests to book directly with your establishment.

3. Secure Online Payments: Explore the importance of secure payment gateways in today’s digital age, ensuring the safety and convenience of your customers.

4. Mobile Payment Technologies: Learn about the latest mobile payment innovations and how they can enhance the guest experience.

Reserve your spot today and prepare to be inspired and informed by some of the brightest minds in the field. To get more information on the event details follow the link here.

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