It’s a Wrap – November Review

Monthly Wrap Up - TrevPAR World

At the end of each month we will do a review of all the different articles that we posted on TrevPAR World.

If you missed any of the published articles for the month of November have a look below and make sure to catch up on the ones you may of missed, simply click on the article you would like to read.

The Revenue Journey Part #3 – Fundamentals

Talent Review – Nikita Beresnev – Director Of Revenue Australia

The Revenue Journey Part #4 – Choosing Infrastructure

Industry Terms – The Letter C

Six Questions Hotel Owners Need to ask when Investing in a Revenue Solution

The Revenue Journey Part #5 – Processes

STR – Preliminary October 2016 Data

Industry Terms – The Letter D

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

The Revenue Journey Part #6 – Forecast

Industry Terms – The Letter E & F

The Relationship Between Revenue Management & Tourism Grading

The Revenue Journey Part #7 – Pricing

Author: Derek Martin 


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